The main continent is divided mostly along national lines. To the northeast is the Lavarian Empire, old and proud, and the largest single nation. In the southwest was once the Kingdom of Ternia, as of four years ago, the Ternian Republic. The elven lands lie to the northwest, and in the north are the mountains of the dwarves. There is desert to the south held by orcs, and the western edge of the continent lies the Wastes. The majority of the continent is free land, populated by towns ranging from the small and destitute, like Templetown, to centers of commerce, like Fairwell, to minor city-states, like Necropolis. The free lands operate with great autonomy, and the main threat to their existence is imperial expansion, which has slowed in recent decades.

The majority of the population is human, approximately sixty per cent. Dwarves make the most sizable minority at twenty per cent. Elves and orcs are each about seven per cent, and the rest is comprised of mostly gnomes and halflings. The rarest and most discriminated-against are the tieflings, descended from wizards who made pacts with demons thousands of years ago.

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